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New Policies in Effect Starting Dec. 30th 2021

We are incredibly thankful to have been able to keep the Club running and available to our members since July 10th 2020. We are grateful for the ongoing support from both members and staff as we all worked together to ensure the safety and health of our Waverley Oaks Community. Since reopening, we have been diligent and consistent with adhering to all State and CDC Guidance as it related to operating the Club during this COVID crisis. Our commitment to providing the safest place in our local community has been achieved through our joint efforts each and every day. 

The City of Waltham called a meeting on 12/30/21 and put regulations in place that since the rate of positivity has now surpassed 2% for consecutive weeks (and significantly increased this week), a full indoor mask mandate has gone into effect.

City of Waltham Mask Mandate Notice

Effective immediately all members and staff will need to wear a face covering for all activities (including exercise) within the club other than when swimming in the pool or showering within a private stall.

  • Wiping down of equipment by members is required. Keeping the equipment clean and sanitary within the Club is a top priority. Be a considerate member of our community and continue to wipe down your equipment after use. You would like to know the equipment is clean when you start using it so please ensure that is the case for everyone else.
  • If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been around someone who is sick, you should stay home and away from others.

We ask that everyone show respect and kindness to each other, and to the staff as we implement this new safety protocols. If you have any concerns while at the club, please find a staff person and allow us to help.

Adam Healy – General Manager