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Family Swim

  • Members must use the rinse shower prior to entering the pool water
  • Family swim time reservations are for 60-75 minute intervals with a 15 minute break after to allow time for members to exit the pool
  • Members may reserve one family swim time in advance per day
  • When booking a family swim time only the adult member needs to be listed in the reservation system (family members do not need to be listed)
  • The pool will be divided into 6 “zones” and each family will be assigned a “zone”
  • Family members must remain within their “zone” during the entire family swim time and no “zone” may be shared by members from another family
  • Pool equipment (kick boards, water dumbbells, flotation belts and noodles) used by members need to be placed in the used equipment bin and may not be shared by members
  • Please bring your own towel to the pool
  • Members are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer station prior to leaving the pool area
  • If you have a question about the family swim times, please ask one of the staff for assistance