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Happy Mother’s Day: A Perspective on Healthy and Happy Body Image

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s out there, especially the ones in my life. For me, being Mom is the best, and hardest, role. Caring, teaching, playing, feeding, and role modeling are just some of the words I associate with motherhood. The role modeling part is especially important to me.

I want my kids to grow up with a happy and healthy body image, so that must start with myself. I have to show them what this healthy/happy body image looks like. To this end, I will never talk about my body in a negative way, nor will I comment on others bodies in any negative way. I want my kids to see and to hear that all bodies are good bodies, to value their own bodies for what they can do, and not how they look. I try to shift compliments from “you look so pretty/handsome” to “you look so happy”.

In my professional life as a dietitian, I support many people, including lots of lovely Mama’s, to find that happy and healthy body image. Our bodies change with motherhood, and this should be celebrated. I encourage anyone struggling with negative body thoughts to shift focus to what your body is constantly doing for you – loving those kiddos, rocking it at your job, keeping you engaged in joyful movement, whatever resonates with you. My kids certainly love me regardless of my pant size. They may love me more if I am 100% present and not pulled away by negative body thoughts, comparisons, or toxic social media posts (yes, I am calling out those influencers who just cannot keep a shirt on!)

This Mother’s Day, Mama’s, let’s please let go of at least a tiny bit of negativity towards our bodies, I promise you will be that much happier, and healthier.

Content submitted by Jessica Roy MS, RD, LDN