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Meal Planning with Meal Garden

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Meals out of the house, whether from take out, sit down meals, or even your local grocery store salad bar are contributing more and more to daily caloric intake. Enjoying a restaurant meal or a quick sandwich out is certainly fine in moderation but can pose a hurdle for weight maintenance and weight loss goals when it becomes a habit. Meals eaten out are often higher in calories than meals at home, as well as more expensive.

Meal planning is an important skill to help create and stick to a plan for eating at home. There are many apps available that can assist with meal planning and recipe ideas, and the nutrition team at Waverley Oaks is skilled with using the Meal Garden comprehensive recipe database and meal planning tool. Whether you are just looking for new recipes to suit particular tastes to add to your own already adept meal planning skills, or if you are looking for more in-depth assistance in creating a weekly eating schedule, our nutrition team can create a customized Meal Garden plan for you.

Please reach out to the nutrition team at WOAC at nutrition@waverleyoaks.com to get started with meal planning for a balanced eating plan this New Year.

Content submitted by Jessica Roy MS, RD, LDN