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Personalize Your Plate

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March is National Nutrition Month®! Every year during the month of March, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sponsors the National Nutrition Month campaign, to provide education on developing healthful eating and physical activity habits. Each and every one of us is unique, which means nutrition and health do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. So, this year’s theme is “Personalize Your Plate”. We all come from wide-ranging backgrounds, have distinctive tastes, and individual goals. Many cultures and family traditions influence the foods we eat and offer a variety of different choices in each food group. By personalizing your plate, you can make it as unique as you! How can your favorite foods fit into the categories below? Try one of these simple tips to personalize your plate:

– Experiment with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Choose different colors and textures and remember to fill half of your plate with these!
– Vary your protein foods. Choose lean cuts of meat or poultry, seafood, beans, or lentils. Prepare these in a healthful way like grilling or baking.
– Try out different grains. Instead of refined grains, substitute with whole grains.
– Include dairy. Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt, or calcium-fortified, dairy-free milk.

Moving towards healthier eating habits doesn’t have to be boring, restrictive or complicated. By choosing foods you enjoy and making small changes, you can personalize your plate and get closer to your health and nutrition goals. Follow along all month for more tips!

Content submitted by: Katie Woznick, Dietetics Student at Simmons University