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Tina McCourt started her journey in the fitness industry as an adult without any athletic history. She was a complete beginner at “being in her body”.  She started practicing yoga while in college at UMass Boston, where she graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2015. Yoga taught her how to breathe. It was through yoga and great teachers that Tina was finally able to feel at home in her own skin –strong, capable, and worthy of being her. Her own personal transformation inspired her to complete a 200hr yoga teacher training under Marlena Bruno in 2018, to help more people “take their power back” in their own bodies. She is currently completing a 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training through Chakra Power Yoga with teachers Nicole Burrill, Kris Cox, and Dr. Kerry McGinn.

Over time, Tina realized she wanted to be able to help others outside the yoga world as well as enhance the practice of those already involved in regular yoga. In 2021, Tina obtained her Personal Trainer Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Given her extensive yoga background, Tina uses a lot of yoga and its principles with mobility/flexibility, breathwork, mindfulness and body awareness in her sessions to provide an all-encompassing experience for her clients. You can expect her training style to be patient, dynamic, engaging, and fueled by her passion for life. Her style of teaching is authentic, grounding and motivating – with a whole lot of breath. Tina’s goal as a trainer is to help her clients feel welcomed and supported. She wants to bridge the gap between the physical exercises and the intention behind them. She gives the “why” so you can experience the same empowerment she has felt in her own body, mind and spirit from her own mentors, teachers, and trainers.

Tina enjoys working with all yogis, kids/teens, older exercisers, dancers, horseback riders, new exercisers, those with anxiety/depression, injury/disease as well as hypo/hyper mobility. Her favorite exercise is any work done lying on our backs because the floor provides feedback to be aware of what is going on with alignment and positioning, while at the same time allowing for deeper breathing, less pressure on the spine and calming of the nervous system to facilitate better learning. In her free time, Tina enjoys yoga (of course) but also dancing, hiking, swimming, going to the beach and soaking in the sun.

Philosophy on training: A physical movement practice is never solely a physical experience. It’s mental, emotional, spiritual as well as energetic. Tina’s goal with her clients is to use human movement to make sure all these experiences are developed and enhanced throughout our work together. She is a firm believer in the mental/emotional healing potential that any physical practice holds. True lifestyle change is hard, but when we can get our mind, bodies and spirits to work together to make change, the sky is the limit as to how far we can grow and what we can accomplish.

For more information or to schedule an appointment email: tinam@waverleyoaks.com.