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Full-Service Gym Serving Waltham & Surrounding Communities for Over 40 Years

Personal Training – Nutrition Coaching – Group Fitness Classes – Small Group Training – Water Fitness & More

Waverley Oaks opened as a racquetball club in 1979 and has been owned and operated by the same family ever since. For many of us, we feel like we have grown up here watching members enjoy the Club and share it with younger generations of their family. Over the years the members need for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle has led to changes to the facility and the services we offer. The Club increased to over 50,000 square feet and provided sports and fitness options to our community.

In 2014, we made the decision that the Club needed to evolve again to keep up with the new expectations members have for a full-service club. It is with great excitement that we enter the “re-birth” of Waverley Oaks and hope that you will come along on the journey. With a variety of different gym membership options, our mission is to provide you with a Club that all ages can enjoy, hopefully together as a family. We want you to immediately feel a sense of comfort as you enter the building. Then we want to provide you with the type of personal touches that get you to stay even after your exercise of choice is completed.

Our core philosophy is that we can provide wellness through a variety of services and programs in a social setting. As a member, we want you to connect with our Team and other members who share similar experiences and goals, so you want to come back time after time. Meeting your friends for a class, going for a swim as a family, working with a Trainer to help eliminate aches and pains, or even just dropping off your children in our Kid’s Club and taking a much needed mental break in the gym. These are just some of the examples of how wellness happens here at Waverley Oaks every day.

The slogan, “Fitness as a Way of Life”, has always been more than just words. We are dedicated to the principle that through the development and maintenance of sound bodies and minds, our member’s quality of life will be enhanced. This transformation of the Club will allow us to continue this pursuit for hopefully another 40 years into the future!

Click here to learn more about our gym membership options. We look forward to seeing you here at the Club.

Photography provided by Farrell Features