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Waverley Oaks Athletic Club Blog offers Fitness & Nutrition Tips, Workouts, Recipes and more for living a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the joys of everyday life. To learn more about Nutrition Services at Waverley Oaks Athletic Club, email

  • Gifts from the Kitchen
    What do you give to the person who has everything? How about a gift from the heart made in your kitchen. Handmade gifts are a very thoughtful way to spread cheer during the holiday season and these recipes are a simple, yet special way to show your appreciation. Vanilla Cinnamon… Read More »Gifts from the Kitchen
  • Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers
    Thanksgiving Day offers plenty of delicious dishes from turkey with all the fixings to creamy mashed potatoes. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to reinvent your leftovers, try one of these recipes. They’re simple, delicious and take little time to prepare. Turkey and Black Bean Quesadillas Combine, beans, turkey,… Read More »Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers
  • Thanksgiving: Intuitive Eating to Celebrate Food and Family
    For many people around the country, Thanksgiving Day is a time to relax, reflect on what we are thankful for, enjoy quality family time and, of course, partake in a delicious meal. It is natural to sit down at the dinner table with every intent to eat for pleasure and… Read More »Thanksgiving: Intuitive Eating to Celebrate Food and Family
  • Tips to Get Started With weight Training
    Weight training offers many benefits, both physically and mentally. When done correctly, weight training can help you lose fat, increase your strength and muscle tone, and improve your bone density, balance, and posture. Plus, it can help you feel more confident and improve your mood. However, it is crucial that… Read More »Tips to Get Started With weight Training
  • 25 Foods to Increase Vitamin C Intake
    Cold and flu season is upon us, and many people rely on vitamin C supplements during this time to keep themselves healthy. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient; meaning our bodies don’t produce this vitamin on its own, therefore we need to consume enough daily. However, you don’t need supplements… Read More »25 Foods to Increase Vitamin C Intake
  • Healthy Homemade Chips
    We all like a crunchy chip now and then, but with that crunchy chip usually comes some unwanted fat, calories, and sodium. When I work with clients who like to snack or have something crunchy with a sandwich, I am much more eager to substitute something comparable than to try… Read More »Healthy Homemade Chips
  • Halloween: Ways to Balance, Embrace, and Have Fun!
    Halloween is right around the corner! It’s a time for families to decorate their homes, dress up, go trick or treating, and stock up on candy. Typically, healthy and Halloween are not commonly used together. What can be healthy about bringing home buckets of candy? However, there is more to… Read More »Halloween: Ways to Balance, Embrace, and Have Fun!
  • Pumpkin Spice Cake Cookies
    The onset of fall brings pumpkin flavors into focus and this sweet treat is both delicious and healthy using both veggie and fruit ingredients. Nutrition (per 1 cookie, makes 16 cookies): 54 calories, 0.5g total fat (<0.5g sat fat), 85mg sodium, 11g carbs, 0.5g fiber, 6.5g sugars, 1g protein Ingredients:– 1 1/4 cups spice cake mix– 1/3 cup… Read More »Pumpkin Spice Cake Cookies
  • Smart Substitutions for Sugar
    Added sugar is lurking everywhere in our food and beverages. You can find it in the most unlikely of places, such as in bread, salad dressings and crackers. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day for women and no more than 9 teaspoons… Read More »Smart Substitutions for Sugar
  • How to Jump Rope with Proper form
    If you find your current cardio routine repetitive and boring, jump rope can be an excellent way to get some good exercise. It is great for aerobic training and bone strengthening, as well as balance and coordination, and there are so many different variations of jump roping to challenge yourself.… Read More »How to Jump Rope with Proper form
  • Apple Cinnamon Bread
    September means apple season is here! My family and I go apple picking at least once, usually two or three times each Fall. We certainly love to eat the apples just as they are, yet finding creative ways to use them is also fun and delicious! Check out my popular… Read More »Apple Cinnamon Bread
  • Back to School Bento Boxes
    As most families with young children know, getting your kids out the door to school with a healthy and tasty packed lunch can be challenging. Bento boxes can be super helpful with packing items kids will enjoy with focus on appropriate portions to include variety and not overwhelm picky eaters.… Read More »Back to School Bento Boxes
  • Kayla’s Wellness Journey
    Merriam-Webster defines wellness as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal” and the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.  The National Wellness Institute (NWI) goes into further detail and describes wellness as “an active… Read More »Kayla’s Wellness Journey
  • Protein: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?
    Proteins are complex molecules that make up about 20% of the human body and are critical to its structure, function, maintenance, and regulation. Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids, called the building blocks of protein, which are categorized as either essential or nonessential. There are twenty amino… Read More »Protein: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?
  • Clearing Up the Controversy Around Soy
    Soy is a nutrient-dense legume indigenous to Eastern Asia that has been enjoyed by Asian cultures for thousands of years. It wasn’t until around the late 20th century that soy and soy products started to make an appearance in the Western World and American diet. Common soy foods include soybeans,… Read More »Clearing Up the Controversy Around Soy
  • Easy Chilled No-Cook Soups for Summer
    When the summer heat and humidity kicks in, no one likes to turn up the temperature in the kitchen by turning on the stove or the oven. Why not try something different that is cool and refreshing for lunch or dinner on a hot summer day, like a chilled soup.… Read More »Easy Chilled No-Cook Soups for Summer
  • Resistance Bands
    When it comes to exercise, adding resistance is important to develop strong bones and muscles. An easy way to add more resistance to each exercise and challenge your body through various movements is the addition of resistance bands. Bands can help build muscular endurance and explosiveness, balance and coordination, stability,… Read More »Resistance Bands
  • How Much Hydration? Fluid Intake 101 
    We all know that drinking water and staying hydrated is essential to our health, but how much water do we really need to be drinking every day? If you’re just looking for a straight answer: a good rule of thumb is to drink between half an ounce to an ounce… Read More »How Much Hydration? Fluid Intake 101 
  • Patriotic Fruit Bark
    This easy, no bake dessert is perfect for your fourth of July celebration. It comes together quickly and highlights the colors of red, white and blue. You’ll appreciate the simplicity of the recipe and love the taste even more! Ingredients:• 2 cups plain Greek yogurt• 3 Tablespoons of honey• 1… Read More »Patriotic Fruit Bark
  • Hanger Management
    The Oxford English dictionary defines the word hangry as “bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.” If you’ve ever felt angry because you’ve been hungry, you know the sensation of “hanger” and it’s not fun. You might notice a drop in energy, have trouble with focus, and your mood… Read More »Hanger Management
  • A Father’s Day Feast
    My kids and I are eagerly anticipating celebrating Dad this Father’s Day. The kids have a great idea to plan all the meals for the day to surprise Dad. Here is what they came up with based on their observations of his favorite foods. Breakfast – Asparagus with lemons and… Read More »A Father’s Day Feast
  • A Beginners Guide to Plant-Based Eating
    Plant based eating has become extremely popular over the years. This way of eating appeals to people for a variety of reasons, including ethical, personal, and religious viewpoints. If you’ve ever considered adopting a plant-based diet, here is a beginner’s resource. Plant based diets are often considered to be vegetarian… Read More »A Beginners Guide to Plant-Based Eating
  • Recipes To Heat Up Your Summer BBQ
    With Memorial Day and the official start to the summer months just around the corner, we’ve got outdoor BBQ season on our minds! It’s time to put away our crock pots, give our ovens a break and start heating things up outside on the grill. BBQ season doesn’t have to… Read More »Recipes To Heat Up Your Summer BBQ
  • Strength Training Exercises
    The general definition of strength training is any physical movement in which you use your body weight or equipment (e.g., dumbbells and resistance bands) to build muscle mass, strength, and endurance. Strength training can help anyone improve their wellness, with numerous benefits ranging from physical and emotional, to mental. Here are… Read More »Strength Training Exercises
  • Eat the Mediterranean Way
    The Mediterranean way of eating ranks the top diet year after year according to US News and World Report, the global authority in rankings and consumer advice. This type of diet is not a single diet, but a way of eating inspired from the dining patterns of European countries that… Read More »Eat the Mediterranean Way
  • Happy Mother’s Day: A Perspective on Healthy and Happy Body Image
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s out there, especially the ones in my life. For me, being Mom is the best, and hardest, role. Caring, teaching, playing, feeding, and role modeling are just some of the words I associate with motherhood. The role modeling part is especially important to… Read More »Happy Mother’s Day: A Perspective on Healthy and Happy Body Image
  • Simple Ways to Incorporate Vegetables into Your Diet
    It’s springtime once again and it’s the time of year when fruit and vegetables are abundant. This is also the time of year when we start to eat lighter; gone are the casseroles of winter and hearty stews that filled us up over the long cold nights. Now we turn… Read More »Simple Ways to Incorporate Vegetables into Your Diet
  • 3 Dumbbell Exercises
    Dumbbells are a great way to build muscle and keep variety in your routine. As a beginner, it is always better to start light and add weight in small increments as starting too heavy may cause strain or injury. Here are a few dumbbell exercises to incorporate into your workouts to strengthen… Read More »3 Dumbbell Exercises
  • Peanut Butter Protein Dip
    Here is a dip that can make you look forward to eating your fruit and veggies. Combining nut butter with Greek yogurt boosts the nutritional content, and adding calcium and protein will help keep you satisfied. Ingredients: 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/3 cup natural peanut butter… Read More »Peanut Butter Protein Dip
  • Spring Forward: Eat the Rainbow
    Spring is officially in the air! Every new season is an opportunity to reset and refocus our minds and our bodies. This spring we are focusing on eating the rainbow and filling our plates with lots of new flavors and in-season vegetables. Eating the rainbow means incorporating fruits and vegetables… Read More »Spring Forward: Eat the Rainbow
  • Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food
    Think back to when you were a child, were you part of what I like to call the “clean the plate club?” Membership to this club meant that you could not leave the dinner table until your plate was clean and devoid of food, regardless of your appetite. For many… Read More »Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food
  • Celebrate a World of Flavor: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    St. Patrick’s Day is a world-renowned holiday, and the first St. Patrick’s Day celebration dates back to March 17th, 1631 in Ireland. The holiday began as a celebration within the country to honor one of Ireland’s great patron saints, Patrick, on the day of his death. The Irish traditionally celebrated… Read More »Celebrate a World of Flavor: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  • March is National Nutrition Month!
    National Nutrition Month is all about making smart, educated choices around food, healthy eating and physical activity. It’s an annual 4-week campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) designed to help people live better and healthier! This year’s theme is Celebrate a World of Flavors and focuses… Read More »March is National Nutrition Month!
  • Meeting Your Protein Needs Without Meat
    Protein is an essential macronutrient that is part of every cell in the body. It is the building block of muscle, bone, hair, skin, cartilage and blood. The human body uses protein to make enzymes that power chemical reactions and to make hemoglobin that carries oxygen in blood. Protein helps… Read More »Meeting Your Protein Needs Without Meat
  • How to Do A Standard Push-Up
    The push-up is a great exercise as it builds both upper-body and core strength. Plus, it has many modifications so beginners can start with easier versions, while more advanced exercisers can try hundreds of variations. Here is a breakdown on how to correctly do a traditional push-up to avoid injury… Read More »How to Do A Standard Push-Up
  • Easy Quinoa Casserole
    This dish is perfect for this time of year when the days are long and cold. It comes together quickly, has great flavor and is loaded with protein and fiber. It features quinoa, which is a whole grain that confounds people on how to use it. Here it is mixed with… Read More »Easy Quinoa Casserole
  • Heart Health Awareness Month
    Content Submitted by: Jessica Roy, MS, RDN, LDN & Nutrition Counselor and Janyce Gately, MS, RD, LDN, Personal Chef, Certified Health and Wellness Coach February is American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about good heart health. Heart health is extremely important to one’s well being. Heart disease kills… Read More »Heart Health Awareness Month
  • Physical activity basics
    Regular physical activity can help prevent, treat, and sometimes even alleviate some of the most common chronic conditions one may encounter, including high blood pressure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes – just to name a few. Our Training Team offers insight on some common fitness questions whether you’re already working… Read More »Physical activity basics
  • How to get back on track after the holidays
    Indulging in a few favorite treats around the holidays is something that we all do, but sometimes it seems like a never-ending parade of temptations and that can leave you feeling like your resolve is constantly being tested. These regular indulgences can make it hard to get back to the… Read More »How to get back on track after the holidays
  • Meet Personal Trainer, Tina!
    Meet Personal Trainer, Tina! Tina started her journey in the fitness industry as an adult without any athletic history. She was a complete beginner at “being in her body”. Tina started practicing yoga while in college at UMass Boston, where she graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2015. Yoga… Read More »Meet Personal Trainer, Tina!
  • Warm up with a Hot Cup: The Health Benefits of Tea
    This winter, warm up, relax, and focus on wellness with a simple cup of tea. Tea leaves contain high levels of antioxidant compounds, called polyphenols. Due to the antioxidant capacity of tea, researchers are optimistic about the role of tea in prevention of obesity, cancer, CVD, diabetes, and other inflammatory… Read More »Warm up with a Hot Cup: The Health Benefits of Tea
  • Let’s Celebrate the New Year with Good Habits (Not Resolutions)
    Check out the news and social media at the start of the New Year, and we all get inundated with resolutions. I never did like this word, and looking up the actual definition, I like it even less. The word resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or… Read More »Let’s Celebrate the New Year with Good Habits (Not Resolutions)
  • Have a Healthier Holiday
    The holiday season usually means having more baked goods and candy around at home and in the office, we also can find ourselves partaking in heavier meals with friends and family. Which means more opportunities to thwart the best intentions to eat in moderation. But with so many people trying… Read More »Have a Healthier Holiday
  • Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates
    Looking for a beautiful, delicious, and healthy holiday appetizer to bring to your next event? Try out these goat cheese stuffed dates! These are a snap to prepare and will please any guest. SERVINGS: 6SERVING SIZE: 3 stuffed date halvesPREP TIME: 10 minutes Ingredients 5 ounces goat cheese, room temperature… Read More »Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates
  • Part Two: Upper Body Foam Rolling Moves
    In Part One of this two-part post, we shared with you lower body foam rolling moves. Here are a few simple upper body moves to help relax tight muscles and improve posture – a common problem for those who spend most of their day sitting. For more information and a… Read More »Part Two: Upper Body Foam Rolling Moves
  • How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays
    The holiday season can present a major challenge to our waistlines. Get togethers are a fun way to enjoy the time of year, but it can be hard to resist all the high calorie food and beverages. There are many ways in which you can strike a balance between maintaining… Read More »How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays
  • Part One: Lower Body Foam Rolling Moves
    Foam rolling has become increasingly popular for both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. This stretching technique is great for before and after exercise, and can help boost your workouts, reduce soreness, and prevent injuries. Here are 3 simple lower body foam rolling moves to help you get started. For… Read More »Part One: Lower Body Foam Rolling Moves
  • Meet Personal Trainer, Chris!
    Meet Personal Trainer, Chris! Chris received his BS in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales University in 2015. However, Chris has been an athlete his entire life, and despite his inspiration to throw down in the kitchen, he decided he wanted to go a different direction… Read More »Meet Personal Trainer, Chris!
  • The Surprising Superpower of Beans
    Beans, which include peas, lentils and legumes, are some of the most underappreciated and overlooked foods around. Quite frankly, beans don’t get enough love. There are so many reasons to include them in the diet because they are among the healthiest foods we can eat. They are loaded with protein, fiber, B… Read More »The Surprising Superpower of Beans
  • Meet Registered Dietitian, Jessica!
    Meet Jessica – MS, RDN, LDN & Nutrition Counselor! Jessica Roy has been a part of the Waverley Oaks team as a Registered Dietitian since early 2019. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Tufts University and a Master’s degree in Food and Nutrition from Framingham State… Read More »Meet Registered Dietitian, Jessica!
  • Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?
    The US dietary guidelines in the 90’s suggested that people avoid fat and get the majority of their calories from bread, rice, and grains. You may remember the food pyramid and the low-fat craze that followed, leading people to ban avocados, salmon, and nuts. Since then, obesity in the US… Read More »Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?
  • Meet Personal Trainer, Joe!
    Meet Joe! Joe McCormack joined the Waverley Oaks Training Team after spending over 10 years at the former Mount Auburn Club. He received his B.S in Sociology and a Minor in African American Studies from UMASS Amherst. After college, Joe decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry because… Read More »Meet Personal Trainer, Joe!
  • Exercise as Stress Management
    While the physical benefits of exercise are readily known, there are numerous mental health advantages of exercise that are often overlooked. Regular exercise can reduce feelings of stress, encourage clearer thinking, increase self-esteem, and improve sleep – just to name a few! Our Training Team offers insight on the different… Read More »Exercise as Stress Management
  • Meet Personal Trainer, Jeri!
    Meet Jeri! Jeri Schefts has been a part of the Waverley Oaks team as a Certified Personal Trainer since spring of 2019. Jeri holds a BS degree in Accounting, MS degree in Applied Anatomy and Physiology, and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).… Read More »Meet Personal Trainer, Jeri!
  • Tips for Everyday Stretching
    Proper stretching before exercise is essential for safe and efficient workouts but stretching every day regardless of physical activity is very important as well. A regular stretch routine will help you increase flexibility, move better overall, and it’s also a great way to de-stress. Our Training Team shares advice for… Read More »Tips for Everyday Stretching
  • Meet Person Trainer, Jason
    Meet Jason! Jason has been a part of the Waverley Oaks team as a Certified Personal Trainer since 2017.Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from UMASS Lowell and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Born and… Read More »Meet Person Trainer, Jason
  • Meet Personal Trainer, Sinceree!
    Meet Sinceree! Sinceree Clarke-Diego has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and at Waverley Oaks for 3 years as a personal trainer, aquatrainer and group exercise instructor. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science from Quincy College and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the… Read More »Meet Personal Trainer, Sinceree!
  • Ask the Dietitian: Plant-Based Proteins and More
    I received a question from a lovely woman who is trying to focus on more plant-based eating. While focusing on more plant food sources, especially protein, is certainly a healthful habit, she is getting bored. So I did a little research to help expand my knowledge of the options available.… Read More »Ask the Dietitian: Plant-Based Proteins and More