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A gym routine doesn’t need to be dull. Our incentive to stick to our fitness habits is stronger when we try new things. Variety cures boredom, so mix it up! For athletes and the active population, circuit training is a staple solution to plateau problems. Circuit training introduces a variety of challenges in time-efficient, high-intensity intervals.  Waverley Oaks is keen on circuit training and offers quick, enjoyable MX4 Small Group classes to our members.



  • Drop in $15/class
  • 6 pack $75 (60-day expiration)
  • Unlimited $99/month

Purchase through the APP, front desk or email mx4@waverleyoaks.com. Learn more by filling out the form below.

    In circuit training, keeping your heart rate up between stations is key to reaping the physical benefits. Large group sizes can interrupt the flow of circuit training classes. We keep it simple. Less time swapping stations, tripping over one another, and missing instructions due to chitchat means more time concentrating on the quality of your workout. MX4 Small Group Training is a 30-minute interval workout, plus a 15-minutes Core focused workout, with a maximum class size of only 6 members.

    In circuit training, keeping your heart rate up between stations is key to reaping the physical benefits. You will get focused attention and coaching with the same community enthusiasm as traditional group training. Our trainers are prepared and diligent. It’s common in circuit training to get caught up in ‘the zone’ of your current exercise and forget what’s coming up next. Our instructors ensure smooth transitions between stations and offer helpful reminders on how to proceed as you catch your breath. The goal is to keep rotations running smoothly. You receive clear guidance throughout the class so that you can perform exercises safely and successfully.


    Waverley Oaks Athletic Club with Matrix Training to proudly offer MX4 Small Group Training. The ‘4’ in MX4 represents the four keystone pillars of the program: Cardio, Power, Strength and Endurance. The emphasis of these pillars is what provides the program’s highly desirable results. Another perk of MX4 Small Group Training is using exclusive Matrix equipment with guidance from our certified MX4 trainers. This program is highly specialized and offers premier interval training techniques. We love to shuffle our adaptive Matrix equipment into new station arrangements. The vast circuit training combinations keep each class feeling fresh and stimulating.

    If you’re looking to kick-start a new exercise plan, or add some spice to a boring one, we’ve got a quick dose of variety for you. MX4 +Core Small Group is a perfect solution to a stagnant workout routine. It’s fun for newbies and inspiring for seasoned pros! Reach your goals faster and in friendly company.