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Exercise as Stress Management

While the physical benefits of exercise are readily known, there are numerous mental health advantages of exercise that are often overlooked. Regular exercise can reduce feelings of stress, encourage clearer thinking, increase self-esteem, and improve sleep – just to name a few! Our Training Team offers insight on the different kinds of exercise and how they can benefit your mental well-being.

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Alleviates stress through the production of the runner’s and weightlifter high

chemicals & hormones RELEASED

Endorphins & Testosterone

Produces feelings of strength & power


Influences pleasurable sensations such as satisfaction & motivation


Regulates anxiety, happiness & mood


Triggers the release of “relaxing” chemicals in the body.

chemicals & hormones RELEASED

Endorphins Dopamine & Serotonin


Increases feelings of well-being, relaxation and trust

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Prevents the brain from getting overly excited by controlling feelings of fear, stress & nervousness

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