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Fitness Office Hours


Regardless of where you are exercising, you have likely had to adapt your workouts during the pandemic. We realize some of you may need additional help on restarting an exercise routine or how to take your workouts to the next level. Our talented TEAM of Personal Trainers is here to help!

We are thrilled to introduce “Fitness Office Hours” where you can schedule a meeting time either in the club or virtually. The initial consultation with your Trainer is free as part of our Commitment to Community initiatives during the pandemic. To set up your complimentary consultation please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

An In-Club Consultation Could Include:

  • A comprehensive¬†InBody scan and analysis
  • Functional Movement Screening done to identify areas of imbalance/weakness and learn some movements to help correct any of these imbalances/weaknesses that could be contributing to current or future injuries or effecting performance
  • Helping you adjust your workouts around the redesign of the Fitness Center and offering alternatives if certain exercises are difficult while wearing a mask
  • Learning exercises for a particular area of focus and adding new movements into your workouts to keep you motivated

A Virtual Consultation Could Include:

  • Learn how to adapt or modify your usual exercise routines into workouts you can do at home (even if you have limited or no equipment)
  • Create a connection and relationship with a Trainer who will be your ongoing resource as you continue to develop your wellness plan
  • Discussion of fitness programs happening at the Club and the safety protocols in place to see if you might feel comfortable coming into the club
  • Strategies to make sure exercise is part of your weekly routine with realistic planning and goal setting

All Consultations Include:

  • Discussions of current injuries and/or limitations that may impacting everyday life or performance and how we can help you feel and function better
  • Answering you questions about general exercise information and how to improve your overall health and wellness
  • Individual attention and support as your exercise plan is unique to you!

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