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Joe McCormack

Joe McCormack

Certifications: Certified Functional Strength Coach (MBSC)

Joe McCormack joined the Waverley Oaks Training Team after previously spending the last 12.5 years at the former Mount Auburn Club. Joe received his BS in Sociology and a Minor in African American Studies from UMASS-Amherst. After college, Joe decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry because it allowed him to combine his love of physical activity and competitive collegiate athletics in track and field/football with helping people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Besides his Functional Strength Coach Certification from Mike Boyle’s Sports Conditioning, he also holds certifications in TRX, Kettlebells from Kettlebell Concepts, Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and Gravity. Joe enjoys working with all ages and ability levels, regardless if you are brand new to training or have some level of experience working out. Regardless of who he works with, the goals are ALWAYS the same-be healthier and function better each and every day. Given his background, he enjoys working with football and track athletes but is thrilled to work with any ability level-regardless if they are an athlete or not. His favorite exercise is the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift because it is a great functional exercise that everyone can do that improves mobility, stability and strength with a focus on the posterior chain which can be a weak link in many individuals. In his free time Joe enjoys spending time with his two sons, working out, cooking and watching the Patriots.

Philosophy on Training: You must know where you are heading before you choose your path.  First, we must figure out what your goals are before we can seek out that path to best achieve them. Customizing your program is vital, regardless if you are doing 1 on 1 training or small group training. Everyone needs to have their own specific program tailored to their needs.  Exercise selection, the order in which the exercises are done, sets, reps, tempo are all key elements that must be utilized in developing a successful program to help you achieve your goals. Fitness is an education process, so it is important to me that I teach you how to get fit and stay healthy along the way. I love to motivate and see my clients feel and see results they never knew they could achieve. It is also important to me that I get you to embrace and enjoy a healthier lifestyle that is both attainable and sustainable.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, email joem@waverleyoaks.com.


“I am writing to commend JOE McCORMACK.  What a wonderful Fitness Professional as well as an inspirational and generous human being.  I signed up for the introductory, complimentary Strength and Balance sessions as part of my WOAC Club initiation and then subsequently paid for 3 more sessions.  At my former club I would swim every day and only in the final months did I enroll in some Strength and Balance classes. I realized then that (in addition to running/walking every morning outside and swimming every afternoon), and because I am getting older (72 years now), I should be developing more muscles and adopting more targeted/customized workouts.

I am thrilled that Joe has helped me with a whole new set of exercises and I feel so much better already.  And he has made it FUN to discover the new ways to build my health!

As you must know, Joe is especially patient with those of us older people and is very careful not to push  too hard -lest we injure ourselves!   And he does it in a way not to make me feel inadequate and weak, but in a way to motivate me to stick with it and improve – although I am struggling now to adapt to a new routine.  To help, he gave me a terrific spreadsheet detailing the different machine settings because I had never used any machines before except the treadmill and elliptical.   Also, some video links.  He really is a great coach and knows how to motivate me to not give up.”

Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for Joe.  Makes me even happier to be a WOAC member!” -Patricia (Pat) Dinneen