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Certifications: AAFA, NESTA, TRX, FMS, Total Gym, Kettle Bell Concepts, Keiser Cycling, Turbo Kick, Zumba and Everlast Shadowboxing

Heather believes health and wellness fitness professionals can motivate, educate, and inspire people to reach optimal levels of physical health and balance in life. Her passion is to support and transform lives by empowering people to reach their full physical potential though accountability and on-going support.

Heather has a holistic approach to fitness and provides an environment that fosters positive energy and a friendly spirit empowering you to reach a heightened state of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual balance. Whether your goal is athletic performance, weight loss/gain, injury recovery or simply being healthier Heather’s personalized program development cornerstones around mobility, stability, core strength and balance.